About the Saxophone

The saxophone is a woodwind instrument (it’s played with a wooden reed, similar to the clarinet) usually made of brass. Saxophone is a relatively “modern” instrument, invented by Adolphe Sax in around 1840 so the instrument lends itself to more contemporary music.

The four most commons types of saxophone are soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. Of these, the alto saxophone is regarded as the best saxophone for a beginner however each member of the saxophone family has its distinctive characteristics.

Our rental program offers the two popular student saxophones for rental, the alto and tenor saxophone.

The Saxophone Family

Soprano Saxophone - Offers the highest pitch of the main four saxophones. The soprano requires more skill and experience to play and is harder to keep in tune than an alto or tenor saxophone.

Alto Saxophone - The alto saxophone is relatively easy to play and due to its size, is able to be handled relatively comfortably. It is used in many different styles of music and is pitched in Eb.

Tenor Saxophone - The tenor saxophone is regarded as having a richer sound than the alto saxophone. It is extremely popular in the jazz genre and is a very versatile instrument, although it is larger and heavier than the alto. The tenor saxophone is quite suitable for beginners and is pitched in Bb.

Baritone Saxophone - The baritone saxophone is the largest instrument in the saxophone range and has a looped crook. It is pitched in Eb - an octave lower than the alto. It is not generally regarded as a good instrument for beginners as it is very large and relatively expensive. Baritone saxophone is played in big bands and concert bands.

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