ClarinetAbout the Clarinet

The clarinet is a woodwind instrument (due to being played with a wooden reed) and has a nickname of the ‘Liquorice Stick’ because of its black body. A person who plays the clarinet is called a clarinettist.  It can play over 4 octaves depending on the ability of the musician.  The two most common clarinets are the Bb Clarinet and the Bass Clarinet. Most beginners play the Bb Clarinet.

What material is the clarinet made from?

Most student level clarinets are made of a plastic or resin body rather than wood. This is good for a student as they are unlikely to crack, are light to hold (ideal for children) and require relatively little maintenance as they are not as affected by humidity. Wooden clarinets are the next step up from this and are more expensive, but give a warmer tone generally for intermediate to professional players.

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